Welcome to this collection of images.

I have always been interested in creating images. I started taking photographs over 30 years ago, sharing my mum’s Instamatic with my sister on family holidays. Later in my teens I graduated to an SLR and started developing black & white film and prints.

For me photography is a way to connect with the world around me. I am fascinated by both natural and man-made environments.

Taking photographs helps me to reflect and understand, to be more observant and to see things in new ways. I have seen things, and met people, that I never would have if I hadn’t been chasing pictures.

Much of my work is based around journeys. I love walking, passing slowly through a landscape. Observing the world around me gives me a sense of peace and purpose. When I have a camera with me and I’m fully focussed, I get completely caught up in the moment.

This is very much a journey, and I’m looking forward to where it will take me.

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