It is easy to focus on negative things going on in the world, and there are certainly things that we need to speak out about. But there are also lots of wonderful people doing incredibly beautiful and creative things; this is something that we need to recognise and celebrate.

"Photography isn't just about taking pictures, it is about having something to say about the world." I think I saw this as a quote from Paul Strand, but when I looked back I couldn't find the source.

23rd July 2017
Don't think of yourself as a photographer, think of yourself as a storyteller - Pedro Meyer

6th May 2017
Is it possible to create without destroying? Possibly not, but we should try to be as creative as possible, while minimising the damage we can’t avoid. If our creations are more than the sum of what we have lost, we have made the world a better place.

21st January 2017
I have been spending some time looking at Sandra Jordan's work. I love the series "Hidden Beauty" with it's constructions that are so resolutely four-square and emanating solidity, man made regularity, orderly graphic images, just as they may have been drawn by their original architects.

There is little sign of anything organic, just grey skies and ominous clouds gathering in the background. There is also little sign of human life, although the focus of the work is so obviously human structures.

In contrast the series "Flow" has images of movement, they may be cold and stark but there is a dynamic energy present, but still nothing man made in sight.

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Photography is a way of making connections. It shows us things that we wouldn't see, either because we weren't there, or would not have noticed if we were there.